Collective power assists our healing, raises our consciousness towards empathy, and transforms our planet towards the universally desired outcome of peace and harmonious co-existence. Honoring each other starting from within with our self-love appreciation creates a cosmic revolution by incorporating the “we” into the “me” and vice-versa in a healthy manner so that we can share the knowledge non-competitively, understanding that when you win so do I. As we boost creativity collectively, we see each other in our eyes, and we realize it is just god or the galactic center of all creation speaking through each of us. Jealousy, envy, competition? Who needs that waste of time divide and conquer program of old ages?!

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Why do we do what we do? When we move beyond the instilled, controlling system of money and greed, we are all rich, we all have so much to offer to create sacred economics, and we can transcend to divine laws of creating art for the sake of joy, as a sacred offering of love and gratitude to creation, beyond the ego’s incessant need be in the spotlight. Basic no-brainer but as simple as it sounds, this is a paradigm shift that takes vigilance with compassion, with an antidote to most of our planetary malaise of greed, which is triggered by the discomfort of deep, inner emptiness. This isolation condition leads to a vicious cycle of materialism with a bottomless pit. Nature and human happy relations, community, touch, hugs, and laughter wipes all of that insanity out in an instant!

It is often said “We Are One”- we are fractal children of the Source, we are the dance of Shiva as he dances us to our unique imprint song, we are all reflections of each other, and we are all consciousness becoming aware of itself. The whole universe is inside of us, and we are a reflection of the whole universe itself, as above, so below.

“You are not a drop in the ocean; you are the entire ocean in a drop.” 


In this panorama of collective synergy, life becomes more fun and colorful. I, thus, dedicate this Come-Unity and Resources page to my friends and sources that have made my life more beautiful and flavorful, thank you angels, and I highly recommend them wholeheartedly to you. Namaste and enjoy!

Donna Torres

Ethnobotanical Artist With Beautiful Creations Beyond Words

Donna’s work is delicate, crystalline, & magnifies the fractal beauty of the vast kingdoms of plant, cacti, & fungi. You can buy her prints, textiles, plus more! 

Martina Hoffmann

Visionary Artist With Exquisite Yoga Mats & Other Products

Martina’s art is ecstatic, delivering inner realms messages from her expanded consciousness experiences. Delight on her art treasures on a natural, gorgeous yoga mat!

Lynda Marinics Healing

Archangels, Ascended Masters, Past Lives, Psychic, Reiki, Energy Healing Work

Lynda’s insight is celestial, beyond our earthly realms, to offer us safe, positive enlightenment & direction to our healing & daily actions. Her compassion is endless, and I felt held by the angels. My experience with her was ineffable.

Shar Joy Healing

Reiki. Intuitive, Energy, Chakra Healing

Shar Joy is my Reiki teacher, and simply said, I melt of happiness when I am in her vicinity. Every moment with her is sigh-full & blissful, indulge in her compassionate, powerful gifts!

The Journey Center

Healers, Classes, Events

This magical little realm is a portal for healing. I taught yoga & attended Reiki courses here. It is a refuge from the busy-ness of life. I highly recommend its seasoned healers, especially Mija Cameto & Sandy Sartain.

Other Helpful Resources:








  • In Shape Fitness Center in El Dorado/Shingle Springs, CA– where I teach yoga classes weekly!
  • Bacchus- Restaurant in Folsom
  • The Nugget- Health food Store in El Dorado Hills, has excellent choices in their prepared foods section
  • The Farm Table- Restaurant in Placerville
  • The Independent- Restaurant in Placerville
  • Totem- Coffee shop in Placerville
  • Allez- Festaurant in Diamond Springs
  • The Argonaut- Restaurant, coffee shop in Coloma
  • Luxury in the rustic countryside, romantic and eco-green BnB in Placerville
  • Butterfly Massage Therapy by Yan Liu (530) 626.5476 The best deep tissue massage for an affordable price that allows you to come back for more!
  • Local Hypnotherapist Carol Burdon
  • Strong Studio in El Dorado Hills, CA , Women’s functional fitness center.
  • Solar Energy Renovations from professionals who care
  • Sassy Calligraphy woman-owned and local: contact Susie
  • Nevada Sunset Winery a great stop in Reno, NV to sample unique wines sourced from El Dorado County, CA and Nevada grapes, great vibes!

“You are equally as beautiful as the universe.”

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