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Why Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient technology that is one of India’s biggest gifts to the world, and we are so privileged to receive its teachings passed on by seers, enlightened beings, seekers, and healers. Now more than ever, during our critical environmental crisis within and planetarily, these spiritually-connective downloads and conscious mapping healing tools are erupting worldwide to help us repair in a fluid, compassionate, non-dogmatic, yet disciplined and awakened focus. Yoga practices cross blend with many other universal, healing modalities and messages from native teachings, shamanic rituals, alter-dimensions beings, and earth-loving cultures. It is possible that when we practice yoga, a dormant, subconscious, all-knowing DNA cellular awareness rises within us, for we all came at one point from cultures and people that revered the Earth and embodied soul wisdom.

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From within, so throughout, and we need all the help we can get, so the more the merrier. It is never too much, enough, or a completed task to chant “Om,” to meditate, to breathe consciously, and to practice the centering values of non-violence, contentment, and truth, among so many other corrective principles in the 8 limbs of yoga. Yoga is a fluid path, a companion ally as we journey in this magical incarnation ride. This explosion of healing tools globally could be perceived as divine help and intervention during equally escalating times of war, opposition, and hunger. Since in consciousness and life we are one and entangled with Source, it makes sense to me that we are all corroborating in the movement towards peace, unity, and harmony, which all herald to clearing the debris so that we can heal starting from within.

Healing is messy, but it can also be joyful and overflow into all our relations, becoming contagious and inspirational to others. Through yoga, we can effect naturally the full spectrum of our bodymindspirit vessel towards the “up”, clarify and enhance our energy field, purify our daily choices in thoughts, deeds, and words, and, ultimately, become more conscious of our intertwined interactions with Mother Earth, who provides and sustains for all.

In our stacked and stretched busy lives, this yogic intentional container becomes a source for refuge, sweet silence, detoxification, and decompression we can all look forward to as we exhale collectively our worries or tensions, getting cozy inside ourselves, relaxing our dominant ego chatter, and listening more deeply to the subtle messages of our Higher Self. Yoga does not have to be a battle or chore, but a conscious opportunity that is welcoming, uncomplicated, and above all, fun! It is our sculpted oasis time to let our bodies know how much we love them and how grateful we are to them.

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As we weld our bodies and minds in health, we can experience a suspended, momentary peacefulness, and we realize that we are worthy of it all, and that we can cultivate smoothly, within reach, within this lifetime, this spaciousness so that our inner sanctuary pond of knowingness is calm and relaxed, with less de-harmonizing, interruptive ripples. In yoga we remember we once were enlightened at birth, that it is our true essence, so we do not need to chase after it with guilt or austerity, but rather we are simply remembering and rediscovering who we truly are. I see yoga as a sieve, filtering out what no longer serves so that we can actualize ourselves and soul’s purpose.

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The benefits of yoga are so extensive that one could devote a whole website just for that. I am simply tantalizing us with this scratch on the surface. These benefits here alone are an impetus to keep us showing up to our practice as we are- gloomy, happy, struggling, or satisfied.

When performing yoga with more joy and gratitude, we can reap even more true jewels, like re-nourishing ourselves by simply being, cleansing from the narcissistic, self-obsessed culture that we must know it all and have it all figured out. Just being ourselves on and, especially off the yoga mat, is enough, and through that consistent investigation we can know more of who we truly are rather than letting the monkey mind run the show all the time.

With conscious movement and breathing, we can release emotional-physical blockages that obstruct our precious, healing energy or prana. “The solution to pollution is dilution,” as was said in a spiritual lecture. From a meditative standpoint, through these sacred practices, we can therefore become more of the Observer, not consumed or identified by our negative critic or engrandizing thoughts, thus allowing our connection with our own Soul’s light to guide the way.

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From a material plane, we increase oxygen through our expansive breaths, reducing the opportunity for diseases. We also lubricate our joints, nutrify our skeletal and muscular systems, rejuvenate our skin, increase flexibility, jolt our immune system, and release toxins by “boiling our blood” and sweating, as Sri Patthabi Jois said, all of which are incredibly important as we mature in life, but are nonetheless crucial for all ages in obtaining health amidst environmental toxins.

The calming parasympathetic effects on our digestive organs, cardiovascular highways, reproductive functions, and nervous systems, for example, augment our degree of being present and reduce pain and inflammation. We can sleep more calmly and receive more vitality from our highly charged and cleansed organs with their smoothly running electrical circuitry. One of the most important revelations I have obtained through yoga is to unemotionally understand my aversions and unhealthy impulses so that I can make cleaner choices for my body.

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The insight into our miraculous existence is fractally abundant and loving, fulfilling ourselves more simply through our own inner landscape riches, innate body wisdom, breath, and companionship from others on the path, casting off the chains from market hyped consuming consciousness. Many of us can agree that we live in a fast world that is socially engineered to move us aggressively away from our self-fulling capacities and more towards artificial externalities of happiness, such as more dopamine-induced “likes,” more internet speed, more caffeine, more consumption, more money, more fame, more status, more recognition, more of anything but to sit on our cushion, our royal throne as my meditation teacher used to say, to breathe and be with ourselves, as if anything could truly be more important than intimacy with the miracles that make our experience of life possible.

With yoga, so often I ask myself, what could be more pressing in this moment than to sit with myself or stretch my body? Responding to a text, checking emails, making that appointment, turning on my phone, and the list goes on, as you already know. But, how true are these impulsive tempting hook thoughts? I often wonder how much of our important decision-making that impacts lives worldwide are made without true consent, without the blessing from a mindful, meditative approach and practitioner.

“You will begin to touch heaven, Jonathan, in the moment that you touch perfect speed. And that isn’t flying a thousand miles an hour, or a million, or flying at the speed of light. Because any number is a limit, and perfection doesn’t have limits. Perfect speed, my son, is being there.”   ~Richard Bach , Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Other benefits from a wholesome yoga practice include: helps to prevent emotional eating, reduces smoking impulses, anti-aging, reduces PMS/menopause syndromes, strength, balance, weight management, reducing blood pressure, reduction in arthritis/fibromyalgia, lowering stress/anxiety/depression/loneliness/fear, assisting sugar level management, providing coping strategies for PTSD and addiction, elevation of mood, increased memory, boosting energy/stamina/stability, longevity, clearer attention/concentration, increases kindness and patience, increases cognition/decision-making/critical thinking/creativity/problem-solving skills, boost in information processing, helps ignore distractions, reduces ADHD, changes the structure of our brain through neuroplasticity for more positivity, expands lung capacity, reduces asthma, access to our intuition and higher states of consciousness, listening to our heart, more self-love/self-esteem/self-acceptance, healthier endocrine systems, stability in our emotions and thoughts, encourages curiosity and courage, encourages positive social connections, and harmonizes our whole self into health and relaxation.

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In my experience, these noble acts of self-love and self-listening bring us closer to our soul, remind us to our ground to the earth and the sun’s healing energy that is always available, and enrich us with our own self-knowledge as we expand and also grow within, infinitely, spiraling, evolutionarily, on this lifetime and beyond. Yoga is a wonderful tool, I recommend it from my own personal journey. Your answers are within you, awaiting your discovery through your direct experience.

Help yourself to this medicine, it can only get better!

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Be sure to check with your doctor/health practitioner to confirm that yoga is acceptable to your health program. At no point is yoga/reiki therapy a replacement for your medical protocols, please be sure to continue your treatment plans as prescribed by your medical doctors. The meditations, practices, and techniques shared are not intended to be used as an alternative or substitute for professional medical treatment and care. Nothing in this work is intended as medical advice in any way. No one should add, alter, or change medication, treatment, or doctors based on anything in this work under any circumstances. Yoga/reiki does not attempt to give any medical diagnosis, treatment, prescription, or remedial recommendations in relation to any human disease, ailment, suffering, or physical or mental condition whatsoever. These practices are taken at the risk entirely of the student/receiver/client.

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